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Australia Wide Media Conversion and Duplication Services

Our Company converts all of the following formats.
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    We work hard to make sure we take care of your conversions to the highest standard possible. Speak to our well trained staff so we can make sure to meet your needs.

  • Are you unsure of what type of Tape you have check out our Identify Your Tapes Page.
    Products are delivered in any of the following formats or devices:-  DVD, Bluray, Portable Hard Drive, Cloud Service, USB Drive.


Film & Slide Conversion Services
the following formats can be converted

Video Cassette Conversion
the following formats can be converted

Audio Conversion Services
the following formats can be converted

Why Us

Our Staff here are all trained and have studied in the Media Industry. This means that they are able understand the correct formats and conversion rates that need to be used to successfully convert your media for you. We only employ people with the proper qualifications to guarantee that the job is done correctly.

There are different types of video footage out there in many different formats and sizes including different frame rates and codecs. The correct formats must be used to process your footage or it may not come out correct.

If your tape is not processed correctly things like Audio and Video can become out of sync! The Employee’s have the experience and knowledge to make sure that your conversion is done correctly.

We supply services to Businesses & Companies such as Kodak Express and Essential Energy, Just to name a few, Our Conversions are of the highest quality we can possibly make it & we strive to improve it constantly.


Tapes can and do degrade over time so we can not guarantee the quality of what is on the tape or how it comes off. We do however make every attempt to clean your tape and make sure that we can get the best possible out of your old tapes. What we do Guarantee is that we will make sure your tape has the sound if there was sound on the Tape and that the disc is in good working order, We Guarantee to make every attempt to clean up and get the best resolution and quality possible from your tapes.