This is a good question, Most people think that when we refer to this we use a tape cleaner in our player, the response to that is NO we don’t , Well we do when we need to but the truth is We use an RTI TAPECHEK tape cleaner.

What does this machine do .. well it is  a very expensive computer system that when we place the tape into it, the machine runs the tape over a gentle cloth as well as gently scapes off any dust or Mould that may accumulate over time. Basically the design and the purpose of the machine is to recondition the tape so that we can get the best quality picture from the tape possible without the interference of dirt or Dust.


If you are wanting your tapes back shipping is charged by flat rates. in flat rate parcels. if there is more than 10 Tapes we will ship it all back to you free of charge, however if there are less a 5 Kilo bag will cost up to 18.00 in postage, 9 Discs alone in Sleeves will cost less than $4 return postage.

So depending on the weight and how many tapes you have depends on how much you will save.

YES. if you choose to have your tapes returned to you we will post them back with the new discs. However Postage will be more this way.

IF you wish for us to dispose of your old tapes after conversion we can gladly do so.  Simply put a note in the parcel telling us to throw them away when complete and sign and Date it.

Tape Repairs

Tape repairs are required if your tape is snapped or won’t play in a player. VHS to DVD Australia has the ability to splice and repair a broken cassette tape. However it must be stated that not all tapes are in the repairable condition. Cassette tapes that have been exposed to humidity or had things spilt on them usually can be stuck together.

Vhs Tape Repairs

VHS Tape Repairs

One a tape gets to the point of being in this condition there is very little that we can do. Most attempts to clean these tapes will fail as the tapes usually will continue to tear and break apart rendering all of the footage on them unrecoverable.

No matter what these Cassette Tapes can not be processed.

Tape Repairs

Repairing a Vhs Tape

Any Cassette tape that is sent for repair or splicing will need to be able to be opened by screw if the cassette tape is moulded plastic and sealed then we are unable to repair or splice these tapes.

Most common Repaired Tapes 

VHS, SVHS and VHS-C cassettes are all cleanable through our cleaning machine. Only if the cassette is not degraded to the condition of crumbling or falling apart. Mould can be removed without any issue.  These  cassettes can usually be spliced and repaired without too much extra effort.

Any tape that is spliced or repaired will lose some of the footage that was on the tape.  This is unavoidable.

Additional Charges do apply for repairing a Tape or Cassette. In the Event that a  cassette breaks during conversion we will repair it once for free.

Do I need my Tapes in DVD or Digital format or Both ?

A lot of people still like to watch DVD movies if this is what you are after we are happy to put your memories on a Disc for you.

The Advantages of DVD.

  • You have a Hard copy of your video on Disc which can be played in any DVD player or on a computer
  • you can’t delete the disc.

The Disadvantages of DVD.

  • You can not edit the footage without converting it again
  • you can not copy the files to your Phone or Tablet

The Advantages of Digital Conversion.

  • Your digital conversions can be copied onto hard drives, thumb drives, phones, tablets or any other computing device
  • Your digital conversions can be delivered electronically reducing postage costs.
  • Your digital conversions can be edited on a computer.
  • Your digital conversions can be streamed through to your tv via local Media Servers like apple tv.

The Disadvantages to Digital Conversion

  • There is additional cost for data storage devices depending on how many conversions you have
  • Files can be accidentally deleted or lost
  • Hard drives and Thumb Drives can fail causing loss of data

If you are not very technical then to keep it easy we suggest you stick with the DVD option, this helps to secure your Footage from being deleted or wiped out by accident and can just be played on your dvd player. However if you are technically inclined then we strongly suggest for todays market that our customers use  Digital Files as there is more Flexability.

If you wish for Digital conversion you will be required to supply us with enough appropriate storage for your conversions, a conversion file size can be anywhere from 4 Gb to 80 or 90 gb depending on the length of the tape files of this size will not be cloud delivered and will require a hard driver for your footage.


What does digital conversion mean?

Digital Conversion simply means that we have taken your cassette tape any or all of them and we have played them into one of our computer systems, being fed through a video capture card or adapter. The video is then saved directly into our computer into a Digital Format,

Black Magic Designs Intensity Pro 4K

Black Magic Designs Intensity Pro 4K

Black Magic Designs Intensity Pro 4K Connections

Black Magic Designs Intensity Pro 4K Connections

Depending on what needs to be done with it, if we are processing it for a DVD then we capture it into mpeg files.  If the video is to be for digital delivery via our Cloud Service then it will be in H.264 Format, or quicktime Mov format.


Images courtesy of Black Magic Design