Film Conversion 8mm and Super 8mm

Film Conversion done properly requires specialised equipment. If you are looking at this page then more than likely you have film that is very old. Super 8 and 8mm Film have been around for many many years.  The Conversion process is a complex one as the aim is to get the clearest and highest quality conversion for the best price Possible.Telecine Scanner

VHS to DVD Australia uses frame by frame capturing to convert your film either 8mm or Super 8mm Film. Here at VHS to DVD Australia we process your film though very high end capture cards and equipment helping to scan each frame the highest quality possible. We are now offering Frame By Frame Scanning using Telecine Scanning Equipment, High Definition Digital formats available.

You may not be sure if your film is 8mm standard or Super 8mm Film, it doesn’t matter we can convert either for the same rate.

Reel Sizes and Rates.

Film Conversion Reels

3 -4 Inch or up to 10.1 Cm  Reels  Approx Run time . 3 – 8 Minutes

  • 3 Inch Reel $22.00 Standard DVD
  • 4 Inch Reel $28.00 Standard DVD
  • Conversion to Standard DVD $22 – 28
  • Conversion to 720p on Thumb Drive 39.00 (includes) USB Drive

5 3/4 – 7 Inch or up to 17.7cm Reels Approx Run times 14 – 32 Minutes


Sample Footage from 8mm Conversion. Old Version footage will be putting new HD Version online to view soon

This is our Old Conversion Processed footage

Our new and Latest Scanning Equipment has just been installed here is a an example of the footage now converted from 8mm and Super 8 mm Film to Digital.