Tape Cleaning Services

Tape cleaning services are a courtesy service provided by VHS to DVD Australia.  The company uses RTI  tape cleaner equipment to recondition your VHS and VHS-C Cassettes.Very Mouldy Cassette Before Tape Cleaning

Over time moisture and age can make cassettes form a layer of mould on the outside of the reels.  This helps to degrade the quality of the footage on the cassette.  Our equipment quickly and easily cleans the tape and helps to reduce the loss of quality  on the tape. We offer this service as a free service to all our VHS customers.


Customers do need to understand that any tape that has had something spilt on it or has had excessive exposure to the elements may prevent your tape from being converted.

Out Staff will make every effort possible to recover what footage we can but do not guarantee any results where this may have been the case.

Mouldy VHS Cassette Before Cleaning

After Tape Cleaning Mouldy VHS Cassette

After Cleaning Mouldy VHS Cassette


In the event that we have issues with the quality of your cassette we will rerun the tape through our cleaner multiple times to get it as clean as possible. This process has greatly increased the success of our business.

Equipment Cleaning.

All of our equipment undergoes regular service and maintenance to help keep our conversions quality to the highest standard possible.